"Peregrine Effects stands out from the herd by making pedals that put the player first. Does it do something cool? Does it satisfy your expectations and take them someplace new at the same time? Does it hit the right balance of "that's hilarious" and "I don't really stay up past midnight fussing with pedal settings any more, but I'll be damned if it's not almost one a.m."? Then chances are pretty good it's from Peregrine Effects, who put function first, as God intended." 

 John Darnielle, the Mountain Goats

"Peregrine Effects has been a rare find for me. We put my pedalboard together for Hamilton and from there he’s gone on to build every pedalboard for every Hamilton company, and everyone using them loves them! Tom does great work, with a very quick turnaround, and he’s a great guy besides!"

Richard Hammond, Hamilton: An American Musical (Broadway)

"Tom built me a solid, clean pedal board. He's always been enthusiastically available to discuss the process. Two thumbs up!"

Tom Mendel, Hamilton: An American Musical (Chicago)