Custom Pedalboard solutions

The days of pulling your pedals out of a thrift store suitcase and trying to remember which patch cables still work are over. The variety of switching and programming solutions available to amateur and professional alike is staggering. We help you sort through the jungle to identify the best solution for your needs. We will assemble the pedalboard using highest-quality, hand-made patch cables, jump-start the MIDI programming process where necessary, and provide a lifetime warranty on all pedalboards. 



We have built boards for touring musicians as well as theatrical shows, including Hamilton: An American Musical (Broadway and touring productions) and Frozen On Broadway (shown above). We take into account the specific needs of either a static or touring board, collaborate with you on the layout and signal flow, power needs, and input/output requirements.


In addition to custom pedalboards, we have constructed solutions for specific productions, such as a combined guitar/mic mute + A/B switch for an acoustic guitar rig for Frozen On Broadway:


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